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کد محصول : 283e
نوع لباس :
جنس پارچه: viskose 95% - lakra 5%
سایزهای لباس : S, M, L, XL
رنگ های موجود : cream, rose-quart
آستین لباس :
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Polka dot star T-shirt and pants

Price: 135,000 تومان
تیشرت و شلوار بلند ستاره خالدار زنانه ناربن

Polka dot star T-shirt and pants

Polka dot star T-shirt and pants , made of viscose, is a very beautiful and attractive model with light colors of cream and rose-quart, in 4 sizes from S to XL. The pants have dark background with printed polka dot pattern and stars pattern. On the T-shirt you can see an applique pattern of giraffe, cloud, sun, letters and music notes.

Some features of this model:

  • A short sleeve T-shirt
  • A crew collar
  • Short sleeve
  • A rose-quart or cream top
  • Dark pants with dots and stars patterns
  • material 95% viscose 5% lakra
  • In 4 sizes of S, M, L, XL
  • Women’s casual wear
  • Suitable to be used at home

Contrary to the common belief, viscose, like cotton, is a natural thread which differs only in the percentage of existing cellulose within and in its texture. Overall, viscose cloth absorbs moisture to a relatively large extent (in some cases, till 50% more than cotton), allows the air flow easily , creates an acceptable level of comfort, and is dyable enough. Its low static electricity and its good resistance against getting fuzz are among other positive features of rayon fabrics.

Moreover, follow Narbon’s wash and care instructions for their durability when washing these items.

Narbon’s wash and care instructions:

  • Wash the clothes in the washing machine at 30 degrees centigrade.
  • Adjust the washing machine on slow spin not on the fast one.
  • Do not spin dry.
  • Iron them mildly after getting dry.
  • Never iron them at over 100 degrees.
  • Avoid ironing the printed parts directly.

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