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درباره ما - مدیرعامل ناربن - لباس راحتی
The Manager's Speach

The manager’s speech with you : I am Leila Faghidno the manager and founder of Narbon Taj company and narbon brand. Continued...

I was born in 1980 in Tabriz and after my graduation in Graphics in 2005, I started producing casual clothes and night dresses due to the personal interest and family history in the field of textile industry. The products were warmly welcomed from the very beginning which was because of the invention in their designing and the supplying of the customers’ need from the aspect of comfort, delicacy and simplicity. Children’s casual clothes and pyjamas were also added to the products after some time. I had always been aware of little girls’ interest in resembling their mothers since they would wear their mothers’ high-heels in their absence and pose professionally in front of the mirror! This became my reason of adding the “mother – child” production line which, fortunately, was welcomed warmly. I hope one day, the textile industry of our country be compatible with the famous brands in the world and we all honorably dress up Iranian clothes. Amen!

Narbon’s History

Narbon was born as “Jest” in 2005 and non-stoppingly continued its activities. Continued...

Narbon was born as “Jest” in 2005 and non-stoppingly continued its activities. After some time, it went on its activities under the name of “Narbon” and at the moment, this group is extending its market all over Iran.

Narbon's Goal

Narbon’s goal: Narbon group makes its attempt so that each Iranian woman puts on an Iranian product with honor and satisfaction. We hope to make this not-far-away dream come true.